Ramble 103: Daddy’s baby and baby’s daddy

“Hey baby”. These words are steeped in a myriad of history, coated and pan fried in patriarchy.

We may not even realize it but the minute you call your ‘significant other’ daddy you are only resounding everything your forefathers taught you and you flouted in a couple of incendiary feminist revolutions and simple clicks on tumblr.

These parochial terms, popularized by the progressive western media are simply not more than a reflection of our submissive past where women were seen as property passed from one family to one another.

….no, no reader I see you do not completely agree. It is quite like this. It is a marriage, a splendid one perhaps. Maybe it was jubilant with rose strewn gardens and garlands of venus flytraps. But, no matter how diaphanous the bridal garments may be it all ends up the same way. The bride, wife-to-be, slave turned missus is lifted in air on the strong arms of her father only to be handed over to another; completely reinvented and renamed. Thus, in a sense the new man becoming her father as well as her husband.




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