Ramble 108: Giving birth to the trampled minds

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out math. But, sometimes it does. Which is why we send our half-baked dim-wits to school. To learn. To grow and expand and yell “Hooray, my teacher taught me his theorem today!” Except they don’t. Except the teachers blabber on the board in a language so completely foreign, so utterly mind-numbing that you would dare not even utter ‘hello’.

Then you get a pile of homework. Upon which you sit on all day, rest and lay eggs. And then life goes on. You move on, the next pile of homework comes and you sit on it, lay some more eggs and then those eggs die and it is all okay again. Except, somewhere in the process you are losing your precious precious eggs which could have turned into precious precious chicken. Except you did not have enough warmth. Except you did give enough care, because you did not know what ‘enough care’ means. This is education for you; mildly put ‘teenage pregnancy’.


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