Ramble 117: Dreams

It has been the simplest post to title but possibly the hardest to write. Though it is something I think about every night before going to sleep, just I don’t understand for the life of me why people call dozing off as “going to bed”; I sleep almost twenty three minutes (timed it ;)) after ‘going to bed’. The limitations of the utilitarian English lexicon is exhausting, even more so than writing down this post.

I have a dream.

Plenty, to be honest I sometimes even wet the bed.

But, I do have a solitary dream which stands out from the pack. A lone wolf, I like to call it is the dream of going to college. And not just any college but to the Harvard of the East. With 55 seats. The current dream which overruns any other day dreams of mine, demands to be my wife, overrules parallel thoughts and attempts to wilt out the longing for the teenage nothing-much-to-do ennui is this big, fat giant dream of pursuing law in the finest college of the country.

And I know it is not impossible. But, I also know that it is also not the easiest passage to go down on, because 20,000 students have that arduous passion and to be that ordinary scares me. What is funny is that throughout the previous month I have been struggling to fight off these very (acne inducing) stressful imagery of the future but not once did I thought of converting it into a blog post. And that is what I often think is that awful truth about life; how we miss the train as it goes by and then blame it on the platform.

A more probable dream which seems to be battling for the position of the foremost wife in my heart is that of going to Hemis national park in Ladakh and observing a snow leopard. How wonderful would it be to watch my spirit animal jump into action; to leap abound in its joys and sorrows but never to roar, to settle for a “chuffaw” as I have so often do everyday in my life. Mountains and my favorite animal live will send me to heaven abode.

Not to mention, I am going to get a snow leopard inked on me in well, some time. The future beholds ink, blood and sitting outside the gates of my favorite college in the world. OH JOY!


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