Ramble 120: How to overcome writer’s block (for realsies)

A post which was originally written by somebody with a writer’s block 😉

Sometimes when you keep staring at a blank page it is often best to write it down. Being a writer you often describe yourself as being somebody with uncontrollable thoughts and feelings or rather you are a writer because your head rambles too much. Your thoughts mess with you and then you write them down to mess with your readers and this is where writing down any post actually begins from.

Overcoming writer’s block is easy once you realize that you have nothing much to say and you are just fooling yourself. Like we fool ourselves every day when we pretend we are these profound intellectual beings with so much to say but perhaps the world just doesn’t recognize our genius. We lie. All of us do it; it is not just a habit but a second nature. Writer’s block is not a block anymore when you put the truths down. Like somebody once said “a writer only writes what he or she knows.”

Take for example, me; I know I am a fool and that is why I write, precisely so the world can know that I am actually a girl in glasses who pretends the world is her oyster. Rather we all know deep down that we are just fishes in the sea and like the romantic saying goes there are plenty of fishes in the sea. So put it down; be brave.

Writer’s block is not a block as long as you don’t plan what you want to say. When you just say it, you let those words do the work for you. Like I didn’t plan this post, it just happened because I did not want to write about anything serious so I wrote about what I could not write to turn it into what I could write.


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