Ramble 123: 5 reasons why snow leopards are my spirit animals

Hello, hello dear friends! Sorry for sounding like sex and the city’s Charlotte high on Samantha’s Viagra. I want to get a tattoo and more specifically this one:

minus the chest hair of course, though I do have a few nipple hair here and there to make up for the lack of wild habitual scenery.

And I am afraid that once I get a tattoo like the one above I am going to get a lot cross eyed questions of why THAT and I am more afraid, frightened even that I won’t be able to articulate my heavily bleeding emotions into a polemic answer. I spent two years looking for the right tattoo now I do not want to spend another twenty justifying it.



  1. They love the mountains:

snow leopards live in mountains and I hope to, too someday. my heaven is up in the hills the plains are scorching hell, just saying. sorry i am not much of a city girl and i bet so isn’t my leopard.

2. They are rare:

as pathetically childish as this sounds, I think I am rare too.

3. They are ghosts:

they are impossible to track, seriously those guys would be bad friends to want to invite to a party. scientists don’t know much about snow leopards because of how goddamn elusive I am (sorry, unintentional typo: they are) and there are times when I don’t even know if I can catch myself.

4. They can’t roar:

I can’t either, seriously try me.

But, what I actually mean is that I don’t roar. I never talk about the stuff I did, never will.

5. They are terribly shy and introverted:

I am too. I run solo.

I hope to die in Hemis National Park, Leh someday. or shift to the mountains or some of that crazy stuff. I live in the capital by the way so my dreams are kind of insanely achievable. But, I have never been more sure of anything in my life. for now.



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