Request an essay or speech: HELP WITH HOMEWORK!

Dear frantic readers,

If you are one of those who can construct a telephone from scratch but cannot and will not pen down an essay or wasted your entire summer vacations or know how to eloquently deliver any speech with passion but just don’t have the time to write it themselves and are desperate for that last minute job just “done” then you obviously need help. But, my way of helping is slightly unconventional, hell it is completely unconventional. In the following few sentences (I promise) I will not give you a didactic lecture on finishing your work on time rather I would tell you that I CAN DO IT FOR YOU! I promise I do not suck to the core. But I do have a few conditions:

1) Nothing technical or painstakingly long. I do not want to spend three hours researching. Period.

2) You will not complain. If you do not like my work it is simple: dish it.

3) Do not demand, request. You will not boss me around or give me unreasonable deadlines to meet. You cannot make me do work I do not want to do.

4) I do not care if you pass it off as your own. Hell, you are supposed to.

5) I will need you to read the speech/ essay I write for you thoroughly so that you can pass it off as your own.

6) You have to be polite.

7) It will (obviously) be in my writing style but you can request some tweaks if you like.

8) And I would like you to leave a comment after I have done your work as feedback, good or bad.


It is that simple! It will be like ordering yummy pizza online. If you would like to “request” an essay/ speech on any topic you’d like please feel free to send me the details by filling out the contact form which is located below or you can email me the details on the following email: And also give this post a thumbs up and leave a comment so that I can reach to you faster.



Please fill out the under given form to request an essay/speech. I will help you.

Thank you guys for asking. It is of course free. I feel like writing is a hobby of mine and this way I can work on it consistently. I will attempt to address to all your queries/requests in a short period of time. As always you can contact me by leaving a comment on this post or by sending me an email on




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