Ramble 4: The story about lil detective Beatrice..

The story about little Ms. Beatrice

It was of the summer of ’69. Little Beatrice lived in Croolvillage with her family. Her family included her beloved parents, her notorious younger sister, her closest aunt and uncle (the uncle was the older brother of her father). She was a girl of six who was generally optimistic about life and thought of her family as the closest one ever and wanted it to stay the same. She dreamed of going on trips with this joint family of hers. Oh! that naïve little girl had elaborate plans for the family she knew nothing about.

She was close to her aunt and held her relationship with her as sacred as those with her family members. She was a delightful little child who loved to frolic around with her aunt. As she grew up, her relationship with her aunt deepened. Beatrice, the young optimistic gullible fool, was closer to her aunt than she was to her own mother! She fought for this “wonderful” aunt of hers and was always by her side. Her parents tried to warn her about the manipulative nature of her aunt but Beatrice just wouldn’t listen! She was her aunt’s little pet and nothing in the world could shake her firm belief.

Until one day when she was 15, the episodes revolving around her aunt shook her. It was at that time when her aunt decided to plot against her. Oh, you see the aunt had a lovely daughter who had been married off just about 4 years ago. This aunt of Beatrice’s was afraid that the hardworking young lad would turn out a better person than her daughter is. This troubled her day and night and hence she decided to make little Beatrice’s life miserable. Her disturbing plots to hurt Beatrice mustn’t be spoken of for they are just too cruel for you readers’ innocent little ears. Now, moving on, while Beatrice’s aunt was busy plotting, Beatrice’s mother was trying to warn Beatrice of the danger that was awaiting her. Oh, it was a common nuance to hear that Beatrice’s aunt had some kind of special powers which involved her saying anything bad and it being true. Hence, Beatrice’s mom was worried. On the night of the terrible deed, Beatrice had been very happy but after witnessing of the terrible which must not be spoken of, it was as if the world around her came shattering down. That was when she realized that her aunt must be forgiven for she has a superiority complex of her own. That was a deduction she realized after mentally thinking about her aunt’s friend list which included people who were either not smart or gregarious enough. Hence, Beatrice, the young fool has been hurt and the wound would stay forever, but in her mind she has already forgiven her aunt because her aunt is going through horrible problems of her own. What Beatrice has realized that in life its is important to be an excellent judge of character and not to trust somebody blindly out of love. Being a blind fool hurts oneself if nothing else.

*The names in this story have been changed to protect the persons concerned. This is a very personal experience of mine and thus the terrible deeds have not been spoken of.


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